BiOrb fish tanks have taken over the aquatic world – with more than one million sold world wide, what are you waiting for?  All biOrb aquariums combine the traditional yet simple look of the fish bowl while incorporating the performance of a ‘hi-tech’ aquarium.

BiOrb fish tank features

BiOrb fish tanks are made of high-quality acrylic, acrylic is an ultra clear plastic that looks similar to glass but has properties that make it far superior to glass. All biOrb aquariums are constructed using acrylic, enabling the aquariums to be stronger, lighter, and have a superior finish when compared to glass aquariums.


Benefits of Acrylic Aquariums:

  • Acrylic is more shock resistant than glass.
  • Acrylic aquariums are approximately 50% lighter than glass aquariums.
  • Acrylic aquariums are up to 17 times stronger than glass aquariums.
  • Acrylic has a transparency rate of 93% making it the clearest material known.
  • Acrylic can be moulded into shapes and joined to form a seamless aquarium.
  • Acrylic can be made with a flawless finish and unlike glass if an acrylic aquarium becomes scratched, it can be polished out.

Unlike many other fish tanks on the market today, the Biorb fish tank comes with a complete set up kit. This start up kit contains everything you will need to care for your tropical fish and give them a good home. You will find the necessary lights and filters that you will need to enjoy your fish the very first night you bring them home. In addition, you will find an array of accessories, such as ornaments and plants, to decorate your fish tank.

Designed to become the focal point of the room, the Biorb fish tank comes in a wide variety of designs and styles to fit your tastes. You will also find that it is easy to maintain, and clean, your tropical fish tank. This ease of maintenance will cut the time that you spend cleaning your fish tank down significantly. You will have more time to enjoy your tropical fish.

The filtration system of biOrb fish tanks

The biOrb Filtration Technology

All biOrb aquariums utilize a unique five-stage system to improve and maintain water quality and clarity. The optimized water is better for the fish and stays crystal clear for a lot longer. The five-stages of water optimization are biological, mechanical and chemical filtration along with water stabilizers and 100% oxygenation.


biOrb aquarium filtration is totally unique, meaning that no other aquarium uses the same advanced filtration system as Reef One aquariums. In all biOrb aquariums the mechanical and chemical filtration is housed in an easy-to-change filter cartridge. This cartridge is replaced when the chemicals become depleted and before the mechanical filter becomes blocked ensuring that the water conditions remain optimized. Regular filter cartridge changes increase the efficiency of the filter system and reduce the amount of cleaning required.

The biOrb Biological Filtration

The ample ceramic media located at the base of the aquarium provides a considerable biological filtration; creating a massive home for the beneficial filter bacteria to thrive. Unlike many traditional aquariums the ceramic media provides an effective biological filtration that is never removed from the aquarium, ensuring that unlike many aquariums the beneficial bacteria are not killed during maintenance.

biOrb Offers 100% Oxygenation

Oxygenation levels in the biOrb family of aquariums have been proven by independent studies to be higher than traditional rectangular aquariums. The air powered filtration system pushes oxygen into the water via the bubble tube. This ensures your fish and the beneficial bacteria always have the required amount of dissolved oxygen.

Biorb fish tank lines and accessories

BiOrb Baby – BiOrb Classic 15 (4 gallons) fish tank

This is the ultimate in small starter aquariums. Measuring just 12 inches in height, the BiOrb baby would be ideal for a kid who is getting their first fish. A great starter kit would be the BiOrb Baby and some small fish like the Tetra.

This will be a nice handy manageable aquarium for your child to manage on their own. (or for you to manage on your own if you don’t feel a larger tank would suit you). With the benefit of the filtration system in the BiOrb Baby along with the lighting you won’t need to do much except feed the fish.

You may read articles about how the smaller the tank the harder it is to maintain. This is true. BUT what this rule is related to is measuring levels of salt in the water and things like that. If you have freshwater fish and you clean the filtration in the BiOrb Baby regularly you will have no such problems.

BiOrb Classic 30 – 8 gallon fish tank

The BiOrb 30 is a small step up from the BiOrb Baby. Although the BiOrb 30 has twice the capacity of the baby they are still both very small aquariums. If you feel that the BiOrb Baby is too small for your needs then this has all the great features of the BiOrb baby but with the larger capacity.

The BiOrb 30 would make a great first tank also or maybe a graduation tank when you have outgrown the BiOrb Baby. The BiOrb 30 still has the filtration system in the base of the tank and a light on the inside of the lid link BiOrb Baby.

BiOrb Classic 60 – 16 gallon fish tank

The BiOrb 60 fish tank is a clever idea. By making the aquarium the same shape as a classic fish tanks you have ease of use. By making the bowl 60 litres you can add larger fish or even plants to the bowl. The BiOrb 60 is a great tank if you want to start with a freshwater aquarium but do not have much experience or space. The tank’s design actually makes it very easy to setup and maintain.

We would mention that the BiOrb 60 when full will weigh approx. 60kg which is around the weight of a 12 year old. If you wouldn’t be confident of your table/stand being able to support the weight of a young adult then you should find something else to put your BiOrb 60 fish bowl on.

As with the other BiOrb fish tanks the filtration is in the base and the lighting is in the lid. A heater is available for all the above BiOrb aquariums but is sold separately.

BiOrb Life Aquariums

The BiOrb Life comes with 3 size options just like the classic aquariums above. Due to the rectangular design which uses more space vertically the BiOrb Life allows for more flexibility that you would regularly get with an aquarium of this size.


These aquariums are designed to stand out and look different to other aquariums. The high quality glossy BiOrb Life aquarium is available in red, white or black. This means you can match it with your wallpaper if you like.

As the classic fish tanks, the filtration of BiOrb Life like the BiOrb Classic and it also needs an aquarium air pump to run. If you are looking for a fish tank which looks like it was designed by Apple to perfectly match the iPhone or MacBook then this is definitely the aquarium you are looking for.

BiUbe fish tanks

The BiUbe is another unique offering from BiOrb. This time they have given us an aquarium in the shape of a tube. This aquarium is ideal if you enjoy growing aquarium plants. Due to the narrow profile of the aquarium but being quite tall by comparison this allows you to play around with how you plant the aquarium. The slender shape of the BiUbe allows you to fit this aquarium on areas where you normally couldn’t put a 35 litre aquarium.

The BiUbe uses a filtration system in the base as with the other aquariums on offer from BiOrb. As with the other aquariums available from BiOrb the BiUbe also has a light in the lid and has a heater available but is sold separately.

BiOrb accessories

If you already have a BiOrb aquarium or if you are thinking of buying one of the fish tanks we have recommended above then you may also need to have a look at the accessories that you can get for your BiOrb aquarium.