How to take care of a Betta fish

First you will need supplies:

1. Betta fish tank. I would recommend at least a 2.5 – 10 gallon fish tank with a filter and heater. Bettas are warm water fish and need temperatures of 75-82 degrees Fahrenheit or else they are more likely to catch diseases.


2. Aquarium gravel: gravel doesn’t really matter, but I would get enough to cover the bottom of the tank or bowl

3. A couple of plants

4. Fish net: whatever fish net is big enough to take the fish out of its tank or bowl,

5. Water conditioner: it doesn’t really matter what water conditioner you choose, but make sure you have one that dechlorinates the water if you have tap water with chlorine in it.

6. Fish food: you can use flakes or pellets, but I would recommend you use pellets.

7. Something to hold the betta fish in when you change the water, a styrofoam cup should be fine to hold the betta when you change the water.

8. Turkey baster: any turkey baster should be fine.

How to set up a your betta tank or bowl:

1. Put the bowl or tank somewhere sturdy where it is not in direct sunlight,

2. set up the gravel and plants,

3. add the water,

4. add the water conditioner as the directions say on the bottle,

5. set up filter and heater if you have one,

6. allow water to become room temperature,

7. when you bring home the betta fish, float it in a water-filled bag at the top of the tank or bowl for about fifteen minutes so it can get used to the water temperature,

Feeding your new betta:


Feed it 2-3 pellets once a day and skip a day or two of feeding. Make sure to get out any leftover food with the turkey baster so the water won’t get dirty. You can also give him a bloodworm once a week as a little treat for him. Also, make sure never to overfeed him because that can kill your fish, and keep in mind that their stomach is the size of their eye. If your fish is overfed, besides losing its life, it can get swim bladder or constipation. I would doubt you want your betta to get sick.

How to change your betta’s water:

Your betta’s water should be changed once a week. To change your betta’s water, you first get the betta out with the net and put it in a styrofoam cup that has some old tank water in it. Then you dump out about
25-35% of the water or a little more and put what’s left in a container.

While half of the old tank water is in the container, take out the rocks and rinse them well with hot water and then cold water. Then you should rinse off the plants under hot water very well. Once you do that, you have to fill the bowl or tank with warm water and take a sponge and scrub it well. Dump the washing water out, and put the rocks, plants, and the other half of the old tank water in it. The leftover old tank water should fill the tank or bowl about halfway, then you can add the other half of new tank water and the water conditioner.

Please note: never use soap or any other cleaning things like that on the plants, rocks, tank, or anything that comes in contact with the fish, because soap can kill the fish.

I hope that helps you with your new betta. If you have anything else you would like to know, you can read the sections below.

How to tell if your betta is ill: Betta fish have to be happy and healthy in order to live a nice life. You can click on one of the links below to check if your betta has any illness:

Betta fish care FAQ:

Q: How often should my betta’s water be changed?

A: Most betta tanks and bowls should be changed weekly.

Q: How much of my betta’s water should I change?

A: You should change about 25-35% of his water.

Q: Can betta fish be put in direct sunlight?

A: I wouldn’t recommend it; sunlight can stress your betta out.

Q: What do I do if my betta is sick?

A: You should contact a pet store for help.

Q: How do you tell a male betta from a female?

A: The males have long fins and the females have short ones.

Q: Can I leave a light on at night for my betta fish?

A: No, if you left on a light every night, the betta would never get any rest if it was day all the time for them.

Q: What if my betta’s color is fading?

A: There can be many reasons: your betta could be sick, it could be getting old, or if you’ve just changed its water, it could lose color temporarily. My betta always loses some color when I change his water,
but he gains it back in about ten minutes or even less.

Q: Can betta fish be taught to do tricks?

A: It is possible. They are great jumpers, so you can sometimes train your betta to jump for food or you can train it to swim through a hoop.

Q: Can betta fish recognize their owners?

A: I believe they can. I have a betta myself, and he always gets excited when I come near his tank.

Q: Can two betta fish live together?

A: Well, yes and no. Male bettas should NOT live together or else they will fight, but females can live together as long as they have a big enough tank. NEVER put a male and female together. If a male and female
betta are kept together, they will fight. A male and female betta should only be together for breeding. And even then, they should only be together temporarily.