30 and 29 gallon aquariums have been choosen by many people who have their first journeys as aquarists. And my suggestion would also begin with a minimum 20 gallon fish tank, so if you want to start with a best 29 gallon fish tank, it is a good choice and this best fish tanks for sale review is given for you.

2 big advantages when starting with a 29 gallon aquarium

Many beginners have the same thinking that small fish tanks, common 5 gallon fish tanks or even very small tanks such as 3, 2, 1, 1/2 gallon fish tanks or bowls that are very easy to bring to every where to change water are good options for their daily maintaining. Moreover, small tanks usually come with lower costs. It is serious misconception and these are the reasons why I said that:

1. I may spend more hard working time for cleaning and water changing to keep a large tank run smoothly. The truth is absolutely opposite, maintaining a small tank is harder bigger ones because creating a cycled tank ready for stocking fish with a small tank is more difficult than with a larger one.

2. I may spend more expensive cost to set up and maintaining a larger tank. Yes, it is relatively more expensive to set up a new larger tank at the beginning. However, in the long run, the cost of maintaining it is lesser as compared to a smaller tank. The reason is provided in the first reason.


Moreover, with a 29 gallon aquarium you can keep various beautiful fish types that can’t live healthily in small fish tanks such as goldfish, molly fish, swordtail fish, ram fish, zebrafish… Some dwarf cichlid fish can also live well in this tank size. And if you’re going to stock some type of school fish, 29 gallon tank will provide you wonderful experiences when enjoying the schools of fish swimming around inside the larger space provided by the tank.

Coralife Biocube, size 29

Let’s start with the best glass fish tank, it is a cube, not high, not long tank with a very modern looking. The tank is not only a great investment with an elegant design, but also excellent equipment that appropriate for both freshwater or saltwater fish:

  • The corners of the tank are rounded glass, no edges, very stylish and nothing but your fish to look at.
  • The hood of the tank is designed to drip water back into the tank but not on your wood floor when lifting it.
  • The filter make so quietly, you could even place and enjoy the aquarium in your bedroom.
  • The special LED light will make any decor look extraordinary.

All of these equipments are compatible with all existing BioCube accessories that are very easy to find and replace. It can be said that the Biocube is one of the best fish tanks in the same type on the market, and certainly in this review.


Two saltwater aquariums set up with Coralife Biocube


A freshwater aquarium set up with Coralife Biocube

Coralife Biocube includes:

  • Tank: All glass fish tank with a net volume 23.5 gallons. Dimensions: 20 x 20.8 x 18.8 inches.
  • Lighting: very bright daylight and blue moonlight LED bulbs are for Coral health and growth.
  • Filtration: Integrated wet/dry biological filtration.

All-in-one system also come with instruction and some others you need to get started. Every thing you need is buying fish, plants, decorations then put them into the tank and enjoy.

! Note: the net volume of the tank is 23.5 gallons, not 29 gallons but people who are finding a 29 gallon tank and see it then love and buy it.

SeaClear 29 gallon Show Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set

Some people prefer glass fish tanks while the others love acrylic ones, each of them have its respective advantages and disadvantages. For using glass tanks, people usually worry about the leaks while the scratches that can appear on acrylic tanks. And if you expect these properties from your new aquarium such as clarity, sustainability from impact, having a light weight; you might be love acrylic tanks and this SeaClear 29 gal Show Acrylic Aquarium is recommended for you.


There isn’t any annoying black frame holding it together, the acrylic tank looks quite beautiful and modern with rounded front corners. It’s like there is nothing to interfere with the viewing of the fish and decorations. The clarity of the tank provides a great visual effect imitating the natural conditions. And it looks terrificed!

The tank is safe for stocking marine or freshwater fish. You can easily feed the fish and clean the tank through the openings in the hood. It is very easy to set up and maintain the tank. You can integrate any kind of decor and aquatic plants you want, and use your imagination to make the tank the main attraction of the room!

The kit includes:

  • Tank: 29 gallon acrylic aquarium. Dimension: 30 x 12 x 18 inches; 20 pounds.
  • Lighting: LED light and electrical 24″ light fixture
  • Filtration
  • And some others you need to get started.

A disadvantage of the tank is the lighting system being underpowered for its size, but the acrylic is far superior to any glass aquarium that make many people decide to buy the tank except of its disadvantage. Besides, many customers who even bought a new light before buying the tank to fulfill their experiences.

Conclusion: If you don’t much care about the disadvantage or willing to buy a new light to replace the bad one, the tank is so great to buy. You’re sure to be happy with the quality of the aquarium.